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Circus and Physical Theatre
10 Nov – Risk and Innovation in Circus

CIRCUS ARTFORM DEVELOPMENT PANEL DISCUSSION – Risk and Innovation in Circus: What are the barriers and how can we lift them?
This panel discussion is a part of the SideSault at the Melba Festival 8 – 18 Nov.

2pm – 3.30pm
Friday 10th November
Sawtooth Studio
Circus Oz
50 Perry Street, Collingwood

Tarah Carey, Gravity Dolls – Gravity Dolls’ Approach to Making Work;
James Welsby – The Cross Overs between Interdisciplinary Dance and circus;
Rob Tannion, Circus Oz – Rob’s Trajectory to becoming a Circus Director and Artistic Director of Circus Oz;
Nicole Beyer, Theatre Network Australia – What are the lessons of Other Artforms;
Ken Fanning, Tumble Circus – The Perspective from Ireland.
+ Artists from Sidesault at the Melba Experimental Circus Festival

The panel will be chaired by Antonella Casella, Senior Artistic Associate, Circus Oz,  with a focus on:
1.  Questions of dramaturgy, developing scripts for circus, theme/context/content/form and how they interrelate.

2. Why is there not more work in Australia that sits outside either the pared down aesthetic of companies like Circa or the cabaret style like Briefs? There is arguably a much broader range of styles in Europe?

3. Discussion about how to support bold risk taking with the artform, not just in terms of the form itself, but in terms of theme, context etc. eg. Is it about funding, what else can contribute to risk taking etc. What are the barriers, and how to we lift them? What inspires innovation, and do we do enough of it…

4. And what lessons can we learn from other art forms, and when should we forge our own path…

RSVP to: 
Antonella Casella
Senior Artistic Associate, Circus Oz


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