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$7mil p/a needed to retain 124 organisations

The small to medium sector in Australia is really kicking goals right now. The 124 organisations funded through the Australia Council’s Four Year Funding program achieve significant social inclusion across regional Australia, they are headlining the major festivals, and they are taking new Australian stories across the world through extensive international touring.

There is an opportunity right now to secure the future of this vibrant and internationally important sector. TNA has modelled that at least $7million p/a additional funding is needed for the same number of organisations to be funded (124) in the next four year cycle, with a conservative calculation of the amount of funding organisations will receive.

These increases include the likely impact of the Australia Council changes – lifting the minimum request from $75k to $100k p/a and lifting the maximum request from $300k to $500k p/a. These changes were made to adjust levels in line with previous funding levels – organisations no longer have access to Catalyst or to additional support such as international touring support.

The TNA model also adds 2% CPI p/a to the middle cohort of organisations and applies a formula to 45 organisations between $275k and $500k to achieve an even gradient up to $500k.

This modelling shows the need for $35m p/a for this program to simply retain 124 organisations – an increase of $7m p/a on the current levels. To achieve growth and the entry of new organisations, a greater investment is required.

It’s vital that this sector continues to grow and to undertake the important work it is achieving here in Australia and across the globe. Along with the Major Performing Arts Organisations, this sector provides Australia with an incredible national portfolio of arts organisations that we can all be proud of.

TNA has written to federal Arts Minister Paul Fletcher and provided him with the modelling, and is urging other stakeholders to support this call.

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Download TNA’s full modelling document: TNA FYFO Modelling 2021-2024.

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