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Safe Theatres
Are we safe? Conversation Series, Dance Massive

Are we safe? — What is a safe space for makers and audiences? Dance Massive
FRI 22 MARCH, 12.30 – 1.30pm. VCA Studio 221,  234 St Kilda Road.
Ashley DyerLuke GeorgeKate Sulan and Jamie Lewis in conversation with Nicole Beyer.

Audience and Community participation now has a long established history in both the creation and presentation of dance, visual art and performance works, but should we truly trust the artists with our emotional and physical safety?  Is risk management always a necessary mitigating force or does it lead to a form of censorship?  Is community participation abusive unpaid labour or should we give priority to the participants’ agency even when they might not completely be informed?

In the light of the recent sexual harassment claims in Australian Theatre, this conversation seeks to unpack best and worst practices and question the responsibilities that the artist has to both their collaborators and their audiences.

Presented by Dancehouse in partnership with the Victorian College of the Arts School of Dance as part of Dance Massive 2019. 

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Safe Theatres

Safe Theatres

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