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ArtsPeak responds to Catalyst funding results

ArtsPeak has congratulated the successful applicants for Catalyst grants, only very slowly being announced by Arts Minister Mitch Fifield.

ArtsPeak is concerned that the decision making process developed for Catalyst fails to meet the high standards of transparency provided by the independent peer assessment mechanism that the Australia Council prides itself on.

Nicole Beyer, ArtsPeak’s Co-convenor commented, “Because the list of Catalyst results are only being released by drip feed if at all, it presents a challenge in being able to analyse in any detail. The sector will be carefully noting how well the grant allocations meet the government’s public commitment to make small to medium companies ‘the priority’. So far the evidence is not there.”

Beyer continued, “We’ll be interested to see if what is being funded through Catalyst could just as easily have been funded by the Australia Council. This was a primary concern repeatedly raised during last year’s Senate Inquiry. The introduction of a duplicate funding system flies in the face of efficient government.”

Read the full media release: ArtsPeak Media Release – 26 April 2016

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