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CaPT Sector Consultation Update

Hello all,  

I’m reaching out as we currently have three consultations open which are specific to the CaPT sector. We’re really keen to make sure a wide range of perspectives are represented so we’d encourage you to share these widely with your community. Thank you so much to those who have already taken the time to participate. 

If you have any questions please reach out

Best wishes,
Christy Flaws and the TNA Team

Australian First Nations CaPT Circle

Is there something you want to know about working with First Nations people, but you’ve never known who or how to ask? TNA’s ‘Burning Questions’ survey has been designed for non-First Nations people engaged in the CaPT sector seeking to be better allies and/or feel more empowered in making culturally safe spaces for mob, now and into the future. The results will be used to highlight gaps in knowledge and pressure points in the sector, and feed into conversations with our First Nations Circle on how we might help to fill those gaps.   

On June 21st and 22nd members of the Australian First Nations CaPT Circle will gather to work towards crafting an action plan and some best practice resources for the sector. If you are able to send through responses this week this will help inform this meeting, but the survey will stay open until the end of July.

From Program Producer Lauren Swain – “There are no silly questions, no shame, and you can also choose to remain anonymous. We don’t expect everyone to have the answers already; that is why we are here, open and willing to work with you so that ultimately, everyone can access a more equitable and culturally safe sector. We would appreciate your support in helping us to find where the guidance is needed most.” 


Over the past two years TNA members from the CaPT sector have increasingly been reaching out for support with specific challenges they are facing regarding insurance. These include increasing premium costs, difficulty securing insurance for some activities, and a shrinking pool of brokers who want to engage with and understand the sector’s needs. This short Insurance in the CaPT Sector survey will help us with our advocacy and work in getting better insurance coverage for the sector.

Access in Circus

Our Access in Circus survey is for everyone who has worked, or trained to work, in professional circus in Australia. This includes people who have personal experience with disability of any kind or duration. The survey focuses on understanding your experiences of access and equity. Your input will help shape TNA’s upcoming work in this area.

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