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This Is How We Do It 2020: Indie Survey Report

“If the general public knew how little most artists, even well-known and popular ones, had to live on, they would be shocked beyond belief!”

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT 2020: TNA’s Report on the Working Trends of Independent Artists and Creatives in the Performing Arts in Australia analyses results from 283 valid responses from independent artists and creatives to an online survey conducted in July and August 2020.

It is the second survey by TNA with a focus on independent artists in the performing arts. The 2020 survey asked many of the same questions and so provides some comparison to the results from the first report in 2018. However, due to the timing of the survey we also gathered information about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn what the going rates are, considerations when setting fees, and how artists have been impacted by COVID-19.

TNA hopes that the report leads to greater understanding, appreciation and valuing of independent artists’ dedication and practice.


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