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Lighting a FUSE in the youth arts sector – Arts Hub

Arts Hub, Lesley Graham
27 July 2022

FUSE 2022 recently gathered 90 youth performing arts leaders and stakeholders at the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) headquarters on Pier 2/3 in the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct.

Theatre Network Australia supported a group of First Nations artists to attend, as well as several independents and small companies.

Day 1 highlights included discussion on the impact of youth projects, which encourage ‘bringing who you are rather than leaving your problems at the door’; establishing relationships between organisations, shared venues, regional networks and cultural exchanges (here delegates were introduced to the fabulous policy document collection available through membership of Theatre Network Australia*); what positive radical change in youth arts might look like; strategies for getting diverse and young voices in higher levels of organisations; identifying value in and of youth arts (where creativity, trust, empathy and strong facilitation skills are key assets); the role of digital theatre including streaming, incorporation of digital media and works specifically created for Zoom; the nature of youth working in the arts and how people of colour and first nations access youth arts; and finally the inclusion of youth in the development of the National Cultural Plan.  

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