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CAPT REsources

This page includes TNA resources as well as external resources.


We hope to add case studies to promote sector development initiatives, as well as identify and share innovative approaches.


Circus/Entertainment Rigging Report

Theatre Network Australia’s consultation with the Circus and Physical Theatre (CaPT) sector across 2018 and 2019 anecdotally suggested the need for circus-specific training to be included in current Rigger accreditation. In response, TNA, in collaboration with our CaPT Advisory Committee, developed and conducted a survey which provided fuller evidence of this need to inform future action.


CaPT Performing Companies Database

This opt-in database captures circus and physical theatre performance companies across Australia, and has been growing rapidly since it was created in 2021.


Youth Circus, Circus Schools and Training Centres

This is an opt-in database created in 2021 that aims to capture current details about youth circuses, circus schools and training centres across Australia.


Circus and Physical Theatre Producers

This newly created opt-in database has up-to-date contact details and information about independent producers across Australia. It is constantly being updated.

To find CaPT Producers, select Filter and add Condition: "Where Art Form Focus has any of Circus & Physical Theatre"


Creative and Cultural Organisations Policies

TNA has established this database to assist Australian performing arts organisations when developing their own policies, plans, procedures and codes of conduct.


The below list of resources are frequently updated. If you know any resources that should be added please contact Steph Speirs.

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