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Planning in Uncertain Times – Resources

TNA has collected some resources that might help with planning, as we are aware that new skills and resources are needed.

Blog Post – COVID-19: How to manage through uncertainty (David Sharpe). 

BYP Group is the Social Impact Evaluation Partner for Creative Victoria’s Social Impact, Diversity and Inclusion Programs, 2018-2020. Their website has a range of workshop presentations, tools, templates and resources for anyone wanting to monitoring and evaluate their social impact. 

These six intelligences will drive smart leadership in disrupted times (John Kao) 

Making the Future Visible (Hardin Tibbs 1999) (but quite relevant!).

Ian David Moss’ writing about decision making in NFP contexts, such as: An introduction to decision modelling. 

Navigating Uncertain Times (Wallace Foundation, UK). A scenario planning toolkit is designed to help arts organizations think through how to respond to various future conditions.

Thanks to Sophie Travers, Jackie Bailey and David Sharpe for some of these resources.

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Member Bulletin

Member Bulletin

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