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TNA’s ASSITEJ* Network Sector Bulletin – March 2021


Hello ASSITEJ colleagues,

Welcome to the special edition of the ASSITEJ Quarterly Bulletin which gives you a handy guide to the 20th World Congress & International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Young People/ MIRAI in 2021 which starts NEXT WEEK and is happening online!

While you may not have bought a full access pass, we wanted to let you know there are still ways to be involved through free events and single tickets. We’ve also got some highlights below if you don’t have time to go through the whole program.

Hope to see you there,
Tessa Leong, Sue Giles and the TNA Team


Our Australian ASSITEJ Video, Featuring You!
Remember that nation-wide call out for we did for still and moving images of your work back in November? It’s now an inspiring 15-minute video by Amelia Ducker that we’re airing as part of our Australian National Centre Celebration during the Conference next week! Put it in your calendar: Friday 26th March, 11am AEDT. Make sure you register to see it (it requires an access pass or a single ticket) and rub virtual shoulders with some special international guests. 

Delegates Icebreaker 
Get to know your fellow attendees. Whether this is your first ASSITEJ Congress or you’ve come before, join this session to meet new people and celebrate our global community! 22 Mar, 11am AEDT, Free.

Buy Individual Tickets
There’s no need to commit to the full festival – you can buy individual tickets to your favourite sessions (US$10). View Program.

Overwhelmed by all the options? Look at Sue Giles’ hot tips below.

1. Artistic and Cultural Awakening for the Early Years (France)
Mon 22 Mar, 10pm AEDT

ASSITEJ France and Dr Sophie Marinopoulos launch the research report: “A National Strategy for Cultural Health – Promoting and Sustaining the Child’s Cultural Awakening from Birth to the Age of Three Within the Parent-Child Bond”. They will also share a blueprint for the implementation of public policies against ‘cultural malnutrition.’ 

2. Writing for New Generations (International)
Thu 25 Mar, 11am AEDT

5 playwrights from 5 continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and Latin America) meet to discuss the challenges of writing for new generations

3. Our Poetic Self is for Everyone (Denmark)
Fri 26 Mar, 7pm AEDT

short presentation on ‘The Poetic Self’, a performance concept and method developed by Sisters Hope. This will be followed by a Poetic Self exercise, facilitated in a sort of dream space. 

4. Tapping into our Childhood through Play (South Africa)
Fri 26 Mar, 7pm AEDT

This workshop uses African indigenous games to tap into one’s childhood, a cognitive way of accessing the world of a child before creating work for them. These games explore what it feels like to throw yourself in a world of play and not think like an adult.  

5. How can we face the future as artists? (International)
Sat 27 Mar, 11am AEDT | 29 Mar, 11am AEDT

Two-part interactive session on what we need to succeed as TYA artists. Part One | Part Two 

6. This is Grayson (Australia)
Sun 28 Mar, 8.30pm AEDT

Writer/Director Davina Wright and Producer Xavier O’Shannessy present excerpts from ‘This is Grayson’. This site-specific, immersive and experimental work discusses the importance of young queer audiences seeing a queer world onstage, and giving children agency in the imagining of work made for them. 

*The acronym ASSITEJ comes from the original French:
Association Internationale de Theatre pour les Enfants et le Jeunesse

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