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TNA’s Equity Action Plan: 2023 Update

TNA first developed an Equity Action Plan (EQAP) in late 2020 as an extension of our Strategic Plan, ensuring that justice and equity for people from diverse and marginalised communities remains at the core of our work and daily decision making. This year TNA’s new EQAP Board Subcommittee completed a major review of our short- and long-term goals, reflecting on what we had achieved, where we still have work to do, and where we could take the next step and be more ambitious.

We are very pleased to share the 2023 update of the EQAP, which includes refreshed organisational goals and commitments such as expanding our EQAP Board agenda item to include discussion time on key readings, developing a cultural safety rider for new employees, and continuing with our targets for employment of and engagement with people from diverse communities.

We also commit to publishing an annual report on our progress to date. Reporting is an opportunity to reflect on what we have done well, and what we may have missed and can do better on. We believe that transparency on this will also help others with their journey on working towards justice and equity in their own organisations.

The 2022 EQAP report is now available on our website. Some highlights include:

  • TNA’s Board is now led by a First Nations Chair and in 2022 the TNA Board comprised 50% of our target demographics.
  • 55% of paid staff (core and casual TNA staff, and VIPI producers) identified as one or more of our four target demographics.
  • $10,000 of TNA financial reserves has been set aside to support future potential access requirements of core staff.
  • TNA Launched LeaderShift, a year-long program for aspiring arts organisation leaders from diverse communities, and cultural safety program for CEOs.
  • The new TNA website was launched with the Userway widget that provides full accessibility capabilities.

Our EQAP and annual EQAP reports, including PDF and Word versions can all be found here.

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