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Victorian State Election Advocacy Guide

The Victorian state election is coming up on November 26th this year, and TNA has already begun work on advocating for our sector, ensuring that arts and culture is on the agenda as candidates prepare for election season.


Your Representatives

Victorians live in one of 88 electoral districts and have one representative in Victoria’s Lower House (MPs), as well as living in one of eight larger electoral regions, with five representative in Victoria’s Upper House (MLCs) – so six in total.

You can use this useful tool to find out what district and region you live in. There are a lot of boundary movements for the 2022 election, so your district/region may be changing from what it has been previously.

You can then use this page to easily select your district and region in the electorates filter (left hand column) and it will show you your six representatives (one MP and five MLCs). Alternatively you can download handy spreadsheets with all the contact details in one place here.

Don’t forget that you’ll also have new candidates vying for a seat, and pre-election is best time to make contact with them! This page is useful for seeing a list of all confirmed candidate, and if they aren’t a sitting member you can usually google their email address.


What to do for this coming election?

We’ve prepared some ways that you can quickly and easily engage with your local members and candidates in the lead up to the election.

Make sure they see your work

The best thing you can do over the next few months is simply invite your local members and candidates along to your performances and events. We believe the incredible work our sector makes is the best form of advocacy, and providing opportunities for our politicians to see it firsthand and be in amongst our audiences is something only you can provide. Email invites are acceptable!

Check out Creative State 2025

Victoria has a current creative industries strategy, Creative State 2025, which already outlines how the government will support arts and culture. You can read about the 25 actions the government has committed to.

Email your MP, MLCs, and candidates

If you have the time, we strongly encourage you to send an email to your MP, MLCs and candidates. The best letters are the ones that include your own personal story and experiences, and speak to the needs of the community in your electorate. 

The most effective way you can engage your local members is making sure they know about the Creative State strategy, and asking their party to ensure that the actions in the strategy are adequately resourced. The strategy speaks a lot about safeguarding jobs, developing employment pathways, and securing Victoria’s reputation as a global cultural destination and bold creative leader, and it places creativity at the heard of Victoria’s recovery and prosperity. If you have any issues you want addressed, talk about them in reference to the goals in Creative State; these are things the current government has already committed to, and so we want to work with them to make them happen.


TNA can help

If you are keen to write to and meet with your local members, please email and let us know! We are happy to provide you with more tips and resources, practice conversations you might have with your MP, connect you with other TNA members in you area, or anything else you need!


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