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Victorian Touring Review


Creative Victoria has commissioned an independent Review of Touring and Engagement exploring how to create a more effective, inclusive and viable Victorian touring environment to better serve communities across the State.

Creative Victoria is interested to understand different experiences with touring, including activities that may not traditionally be defined as a ‘tour’, but involve engagement between visiting artist(s) and communities.

Along with other consultation, there is a survey – open until midday on Friday 8 June 2018, which takes around 20 minutes to complete. It is being administered by independent research agency Patternmakers, and you can choose to remain anonymous.

Click Here to Start the Survey <>

TNA has been working on improving the touring environment for artists and producers, and recommends the following:

  1. Independent producers and artists who are pitching work should be given free registration for the showcase events, in recognition that they have no core funding to cover such costs.
  2. A ‘Go Pitch’ fund (similar to the ‘Go See’ fund for presenters), needs to be extended to include travel and other support for all pitching artists and companies. Currently the economic model does not provide incentives or support for unsalaried artists to present work.
  3. More resources and professional development is needed for new producers – such as the Victorian Annual Touring Workshop (TNA, RAV, VAPAC).
  4. Support for presenters to attend in-situ festivals and premier seasons of work – not just the Go See fund, which is underutilised, but facilitation of it – perhaps a brokering system.
  5. There needs to be multiple ways to have tour coordination, and there needs to be funding to support these multiple ways. This should include funding artists and companies to undertake tour coordination themselves.
  6. There needs to be development opportunities for artists and indie producers to gain tour coordination skills.
  7. Budgeting for tours needs to be more transparent, with the Live Performance Award rates clearly shown.
  8. Work isn’t made to ‘tour regional Victoria’ – it is made to tour wherever, including nationally and internationally, so there needs to be greater connection with the national and international touring scenes.
  9. The touring environment is complex – artists and producers need guidance and support to navigate it – to understand at what’s the best investment.
  10. Artists and producers need to be paid better for their work – so all new ideas need to consider if it increases fees or salaries for them.

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