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VTF 2018: IN THE ZONE – Event Documentation

2018 Victorian Theatre Forum – IN THE ZONE:
Embracing Place, Savouring Difference and Tackling Taboos

TNA members and Next Wave artists gathered for the ninth annual Victorian Theatre Forum at Arts Centre Melbourne and Testing Grounds on Wednesday 9 May 2018. Audio recordings, articles, slides and related resources are available below.




Podcast | Keynote 1: ‘Art$: What do I tell them it costs?’

Next Wave artists Timmah Ball & Azja Kulpińska (Feminist Zine Wild Tongue) in conversation with Hannah Donnelly (writer, DJ and creator of Sovereign Trax).

Podcast | Keynote 2: ‘Arts, Advocacy, Arrogance and Funding – Why arts need to speak differently to government’

Neil Pharaoh (Advocacy and government relations consultant)

Keynote 3: ‘Promoting Change’

Nicole Beyer (Executive Director, Theatre Network Australia)
View keynote slides here.

Provocations and Breakout Discussions

Delegates were given 20 minutes to have a roundtable discussions around each provocation. Read the three provocations here.

Podcast | Sector Updates

Speakers include Veronica Pardo (Arts Access Victoria); Chris Mead (Melbourne Theatre Company); Sharon Custers & Christian Leavesley (Arena Theatre Company), Dr Anne Kershaw (Deakin University); Erica McCalman (Next Wave Festival), Annette Madden (Australia Council for the Arts); Paul Rae (University of Melbourne); Devon Taylor (Women’s Circus); Jamie Lewis & Bethany Simons (Theatre Network Australia).

VTF Resources

Click here to access a range of resources related to the theme of VTF 2018.

View snaps from our Instagram account.


Loved the keynote! Inspiring to hear from such thoughtful younger creative leaders.”

I found Neil Pharaoh, at first, highly abrasive, but his point rang home”

I loved it! I enjoyed the smaller round table format very much, put some faces to names, met some new people and generally found all the speakers stimulating and providing much food for thought.

I have to mention particularly Neil Pharaoh – he was entirely provocative and entirely inspirational…I was so challenged but so enlivened by his presentation and continue to reflect on his words. He was a really courageous choice for a speaker and I applaud you all for going there!”

In response to Neil Pharaoh’s provocation I did invite the members for Melbourne, state and federal, plus the mayoral candidates, to my new work at ArtPlay. Adam Bandt came this morning with his kids.”

Thank you for producing such a great and thought provoking VTF on Wednesday and for developing such a full but broad agenda, which I feel responded really well to the range of delegates in the room.”

Thank you for all the work you do to support the sector, particularly as someone who lives and works in a regional centre”

VTF was provocative, stimulating and a great catch-up between artists.”


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Events & Gatherings