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Writing to your local member

We encourage TNA members to write a letter to your local member, so that they immediately understand that arts is an issue that their electorate care about.  This is a positive campaign and we recommend building productive relationships with your local member, regardless of their side of politics, so that we can look to work collaboratively with a new government as this is going to get the best results. Even if you didn’t vote for them, they have been chosen to represent you.

Here’s some pointers:

  • Keep it short and sweet, and just write a sentence or so for each dot point.
  • Congratulate them on their (re-)election
  • Thank them for listening to the arts community in the lead-up to the election (if you feel they did)
  • Why you think an arts policy is important
  • Your thoughts on the party’s arts policy (or in the case of the Coalition, what you would hope to see from an arts policy and you hope they will now develop one) and how one or two key points from that policy will (or would) help your company / the sector
  • Note the passion and impact of #freethearts and #istandwiththearts campaigns – voters care about the arts
  • Continuing the call for funding to be returned to the Australia Council
  • Why the independent and small to medium sector are important
  • A sign off, noting that you are happy to meet with your MP if they would like to discuss the issue further.

If you’re not sure how to address a letter to your MP, see this handy link.

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