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Happy end of year to all in the performing arts for Young Audiences mob! It’s been a year of gatherings, networking, activism, funding rounds, disappointment and supportive action and we’re nearly at 2017 and a whole spate of new adventures. Tired anyone…?

Some things that have happened.

  • The TNA staff have put together a specific list for people who wish to be registered as working in this sector – this is really useful and excellent as we can then contact you directly with specific opportunities throughout the year. Anyone on this list will automatically be part of ASSITEJ Australia and therefore part of the International ASSITEJ organisation as well.

For example: those wishing to attend the ASSITEJ Congress and Festival Cradle of Creativity in Capetown South Africa in May 2017 – it would be great to know who you are so that we can look at forming a delegation. For more information on the ASSITEJ association see here:

  • In January 2017 many Australian companies will be going to IPAY (International Performing Arts for Youth) in Madison Winsconsin. Australia Council offered a subsidy for this event to help people get there. These companies are Black Hole, Slingsby, Polyglot, Terrapin, ATYP, Barking Gecko, Circa, CDP, Patch, Performing Lines, Dave Brown and Paper Boats, Shaun Parker and Windmill.
  • ASSITEJ Germany – International Directors Seminar applicant has been chosen. Congratulations to Jessica Wilson who will be the Australian representative and a big thank you to other applicants and to the panel for the process around this. It was a very competitive round.

Sue Giles, ASSITEJ Australia Rep

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