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2017 Salary Survey available for members

We are pleased to announce that the 2017 Salary Survey report is now complete, and available for members.

The 2017 Salary Survey is used in a number of ways; internal benchmarking for organisations, as reference data for staff for performance review, as a method of getting a ‘sector overview’ on turnover, salaries, and benefits. For the first time in 2017, we have also gathered data on gender parity and representation within our sector on Aboriginal &/ Torres Strait Islander artsworkers, those from a Culturally &/ Linguistically Diverse background, and People with Disabilities. We hope this information is of some use in ongoing discussions about the make-up of our sector.

Some of the interesting outcomes this year include divergences on remuneration and benefits for artistic and administrative staff, with some roles recording a lower average salary than in 2015 – the first reduction of this sort since we began this biennial survey in 2009. There are positives as well, with more than half of organisations surveyed raising wages in 2017. The report includes data on the wider not-for-profit sector as well, to get a clearer sense of how we’re tracking as an industry compared to other sectors, economically.

For a quick glimpse into the major findings, Program Producer Kieran Swann profiles the Report here or here.

The Salary Survey is quite a large piece of research, and is a valuable benefit for members, and as such it is a Company Members Only report. If you are a member and haven’t received a download link, please get in touch. You are of course welcome to share it with your staff and Board.

Non-members can purchase it for $250 – please email
Indie Members interested in the findings, get in touch with us directly.

We know there are always other things we could include in the Survey, so your feedback is welcome and we look forward to improving it for the next edition in 2019.

Do note that this survey was done across the Small-to-Medium sector, and does not reflect the Independent sector, which we recognise as being in an even more fragile position. We are planning to conduct a Salary Survey with the Independent sector soon.




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