Art & Culture Messaging Campaign

Art & Culture Messaging Campaign

Together with fifteen other national art and culture peak bodies, TNA is a part of an effort to create a sector wide message that drives awareness and influence in the lead up to the Federal election.

We invite all members of the arts sector to join the campaign and share the messages.

The Objectives:

Enhanced public awareness of art and culture

  • Stronger awareness and value of the arts across the community.
  • Recognising art and creativity as a driving force for public good.
  • Generating clear understanding and value of what arts delivers in society.
  • A sophisticated, cohesive, collective voice for the arts that will amplify all of our individual needs.

Achieve recognition of a ‘whole of sector’ message

  • A whole of ecology message across the sector, including all forms, art forms, and scale.
  • Completely inclusive messaging that demonstrates a ‘thriving sector’.
  • Identify and create greater moments of collaboration and consistency of message.
  • Position the arts sector as a key issue throughout election period.

The Messages:

Art and Culture are EVERYWHERE

We want to emphasise the breadth and reach of art and culture. Art includes entertainment, creative, and cultural activities. Art covers every part of Australia; every state and territory, metropolitan and regional. It includes a huge cross section of the Australian population. Art enriches lives whether people work in the sector or are a participant or audience member.

Art and Culture are ESSENTIAL

We want to emphasise the importance of art and culture. The arts sector is critical to so many other parts of our economy. Art is how we project our national image. Art is entertainment, diversity, mental wellbeing, childhood development, employment, tourism, and much more.

USE YOUR VOTE to Support Art and Culture

We want people to think about which party and/or candidate supports the art and culture the best. 


A child is jumping and laughing with her arms outstretched, surrounded by other children jumping and laughing. They are in matching black costumes, and covered in a warm light. Overlaid are the words: “Our children learn important lessons through art. Art and culture are essential.”

Get Involved

We invite anyone to get involved simply by sharing these messages across their networks and social media.

In the Downloads section below you will find a collection of images suitable for social media posts and banners featuring images from artists and organisations around the country that you can share instantly.

We have also included templates of these messages so that you can add your own images to make the messages more relevant to you and your community.


  • Banners & Posts
    Suitable for Facebook and LinkedIn profile banners
    Suitable for Instagram and Facebook posts

  • Templates
    Using your own image editing software to place these templates over your own images to create your own posts and banners. Includes options for both coloured and white text. See the tutorial below on how to use these in Canva.

  • Design Files
    Create your own individual posts and banners. Must have access and be able to use Adobe InDesign 2022.


  • #ArtAndCultureAreEverywhere
  • #ArtAndCultureAreEssential
  • #VoteForArt

Remember to tag TNA in your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Canva Tutorial

  1. Go to

  2. Create an account or sign in.

  3. On the homepage, hover over ‘Templates’ in the top navigation and select the type of content you would like to create. Our templates will fit ‘Instagram Post’ for Posts and ‘Facebook Cover’ for Banners.

  4. In the left side navigation, select Uploads.

  5. Click the ‘Upload media’ button and select your image, and then the TNA template you would like to use.

  6. Click and drag your image to the blank canvas, and use the white dots in the corners of the image to resize to how you want it. Ensure that your images covers the entire canvas and that there are no white bits showing.

  7. Click on a the empty grey area outside your image to deselect it. This is important, otherwise the next step will not work.

  8. Click and drag the TNA template to the canvas so that it overlays your image. Use the white dots in the corners of the template to resize the it so that it goes right to the edges of the canvas.
    Note that doing this will delete your image! A workaround is to then hit the undo button (Control+Z on a PC or Command+Z on a Mac) and your image will return. Once you’ve done this, don’t click/adjust anything else or your image will disappear again. We know, it's annoying!

  9. Click ‘Download’  and leave it on the default settings to get your new post or banner! 
A drag artist strikes a pose on stage. They resemble Amy Winehouse with a large, black wig, and colourful makeup with dark eyeliner. Overlaid are the words: “Art improves our mental health. Art and culture are essential.”