Policy Database

TNA has established this database to assist Australian performing arts organisations when developing their own policies, plans, procedures and codes of conduct.

Policies are submitted by the organisation that owns them, and TNA claims no ownership or responsibility for their contents. These policies should be used as a reference or suggestion on how to develop your own similar policy, and are not designed to be used as templates or guides. We encourage you to seek your own personalised advice to ensure policies are right for your organisation.

For easier use of the database, click view larger version on the right bottom corner of embedded Airtable. You can filter policies by organisation type, state, and policy type.

A range of policy templates can also be found on the Institute of Community Directors Policy Bank (for any non-profit).

To submit policies to this database, complete the form at the bottom of this page. A word version of the form is also available for download. Once approved by TNA staff it will appear on the database below. 

*We have been advised that Airtable is not optimised for accessibility, and are investigating alternatives. In the meantime, if you require a Word or Excel version of this database, please contact us.