Circus & Physical Theatre

Circus and Physical Theatre (CaPT)

TNA works with the Australian Circus and Physical Theatre community to contribute to the development of a diverse, thriving, and sustainable sector. Our aspiration is for the sector to be recognised and supported by three tiers of government, presenters, programmers, and audiences alike.


TNA is the peak body for the Australian Circus and Physical Theatre sector. All of our programs for the CaPT sector are guided by the 2021-2024 CaPT Strategy, which was developed with the 2021 CaPT Advisory Committee.

The strategy overview is available as a PDF or Word document. For the full strategy or for further information please email Steph or call (03) 9947 1015.

In 2023-24, TNA is partnering with the Australia Council to deliver targeted initiatives for the Victorian CaPT sector. These and TNA's other CaPT programs are being implemented by a dedicated team of five professionals from the Circus and Physical Theatre sector.


First Nations
CaPT Sector Initiative

This initiative is led by Australian First Nation artists and practitioners from the CaPT sector. It supports professional development for First Nations CaPT practitioners, facilitates work on a sector-wide First Nations Action Plan and Best Practice Guide, and more.

CaPT Independent Producers Initiative (CIPI)

CIPI supports CaPT independent producers across Australia who work with artists in and from Victoria. It aims to increase the size, diversity, competency and capacity of the CaPT producing pool through such programs as the Emerging Producers Lab, Salon Series, and peer coaching sessions for artists.

Safe & Sustainable Circus Rigging Initiative

This initiative supports circus riggers to meet the critical need of the Victorian sector for safe, qualified, knowledgeable and diverse riggers. It includes: a program that allows circus professionals to upgrade their rigging accreditation; scholarships for aspiring riggers from underrepresented groups; and an investigation into safety in the Australian circus industry.

Information, Resources & Professional Development

TNA provides access to professional development opportunities and support for independents and small to medium CaPT companies.

Through regular bulletins and news posts, TNA works to keep the sector informed. 

We find useful resources so you don't have to! We also develop new resources in response to sector need.

Sector Gatherings & Networks

TNA works to keep the CaPT sector connected by hosting sector gatherings (such as the Australian Performing Arts Forum in 2023) and by partnering with industry events to facilitate CaPT conversations and provide access for CaPT delegates. 

Consultation, Research & Advocacy

The TNA team consults regularly with the CaPT Advisory Committee as well as individuals and organisations from the sector to understand their needs, challenges and opportunities, and relay findings to funding, policy and decision-making bodies.