Our work in other people’s words.

"TNA’s important work is vital to the health of the industry, particularly in the current climate… We have all benefited from their tireless advocacy for our sector."

Rachael Maza / Artistic Director, ILBIJERRI Theatre Company

"TNA's community building within the performing arts is essential to the vibrant ecology and success of our industry. Because of the work TNA does, we are able to have a strong foundation of industry led advocacy, empowering artists and arts workers to contribute creatively to the wider Australian community."

Romi Kupfer / Theatre Maker/Director/Producer

TNA makes a fantastic contribution to the performing arts. I think people don't realise exactly how much TNA does behind the scenes to just keep the industry buoyant - if you took away TNA, it would be like removing stitches from a garment. It would fall apart. TNA keeps the stitches fairly invisible and doesn't draw attention to them, which is why a lot of artists and industry practitioners aren't aware that they are in place, holding everything together. To me, TNA is like a silent arts partner.”

Clare Mendes / Playwright/Producer & Company Manager, Melbourne Writers Theatre

"I really feel elevated from learning, connecting with people and watching shows with friends and colleagues. It was the absolute complete package. Thank you again, this support was so brilliant. "

Malia Walsh / Independent Circus Producer

"I was floored by how good the symposium was ... the sessions were phenomenal, and the speakers were incisive and open. Have been raving about it all week."

Tom Dickins / Producer, Education and Development Programs,  Melbourne International Comedy Festival

"Thank you so much for this bumper newsletter. I have applied to two festivals … forwarded relevant info to my Board … and looked into other info and grants that you’ve supplied. Totally amazing. Utterly appreciated."

Penelope Bartlau / Artistic Director, Barking Spider Theatre

"Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, it's truly been life changing. It feels like I turbo-charged my arts career in the last 12 months and I can't imagine how long it might have taken me to reach this point in my career without the support, financial and otherwise, VIPI has given me."

Kush Kuiy / Independent Producer