TNA’s Financial Members are well represented, always informed, and suitably consulted, supported, networked and visible.

TNA Membership is open to organisations and individuals, with fees charged annually on membership anniversary. Contact TNA for any membership queries.

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Individual Artists, Creatives,
Producers, Art Workers &
TNA Supporters.
Not suitable for organisations.
Independent artist
Independent creative and producer
Individuals working in arts
Those who believe in what we do




Member consultations to inform our work (identifying your needs, priorities and experience).
Sector issues presented to government, funding bodies, other service bodies and in all the forums and meetings we attend – conferences, planning sessions, assessments, reviews, board meetings, and in the foyer.
Advice provided to decision makers.
Championing and leading performing arts sector advocacy campaigns.
Sector issues represented in the media.

Research & Resources

Members-only access to recent research reports (including TNA’s biennial Salary Survey and Independent Creatives’ Survey).
Access to documentation of key issues raised at network events and meetings.
Access and input into research and scoping projects.
Input in TNA’s own sector research and evidence collection and analysis.

Capacity Building

Priority access to industry advice, support, and consultation services from TNA staff.
Access to restricted professional development opportunities.
Facilitated group representation at professional development opportunities beyond the arts.

Networks & Connections

Invitations to members-only events.
First round invites to TNA events.
Members-only discounts to TNA and TNA partnered events.
Voting rights at TNA’s Annual General Meeting.

Celebrate & Support

Promotion of best practice examples to the wider sector.
Support for sector-initiated programs and activities.
Access to one-on-one emergency advice from TNA staff.


Members-only bulletins in addition to our general monthly TNA e-news.
Your name/company printed in the TNA brochures, used internationally to promote the vibrant Australian sector.
Your name/company and website listed on the membership page of the TNA website