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Meet Victoria’s new Minister for Creative Industries – Arts Hub

Arts Hub, Richard Watts
4 Oct 2020

Nicole Beyer, Executive Director of Theatre Network Australia, told ArtsHub: ‘TNA sends a very warm welcome to Danny. We look forward to supporting him in guiding the performing arts sector through the ongoing challenges we face. With 35% of independent artists not receiving any Federal Government support to date, we are at risk of these professionals terminating their creative practices. There needs to be a focus of the creation of work that will fill our stages, venues and festivals as we emerge from the lockdowns and start to rebuild Victoria’s status as the leading creative state in the country.’ 

She continued: ‘We are very grateful for Martin Foley’s work as Minister over the past six years, in particular, his deep understanding that the ecology needs to be strong at all levels for a thriving arts industry. 

‘Minister Foley never missed an opportunity to speak up for the small to medium and independent arts sectors, and we know that he will bring his commitment to the creative industries into his new portfolios. It’s great to know that he will remain a true champion of the arts in all of his work. We thank him and his team warmly, including his supportive creative industries advisor Holly Cooper,’ Beyer said.”

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