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Arts Industry Council (Vic) facilitates joint Pre-Budget Submission

The Federal Government annually calls for pre-budget submissions.

For the 2020-21 Budget, the Arts Industry Council of Victoria (AICV) facilitated a joint submission with other State Chamber and Industry bodies. TNA is a member of AICV with Simone Schinkel, TNA’s General Manager, in the role of Co-Convenor with Joe Toohey from Regional Arts Victoria.

The joint submission called for an Immediate Request (from 2020-21) of $15million per annum investment in current programs that target our innovative small-medium organisations and individual artists; and a Long-term Request (to 2030) of an increase in the total investment in arts and culture to 1.11% of GDP by 2030.

Read the full submission here and please reach out to your state representative to keep up to date on the collective’s future work together.

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