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Sector celebrates Labor win – Arts Hub

Arts Hub, Richard Watts
23 May 2022

‘TNA looks forward to working with Labor and the cross-benchers on the promised National Cultural Policy. We expect that a strengthened Australia Council for the Arts will give the foundations for a strategic recovery effort for the arts and cultural industry. We urgently need investment in the cultural workforce which has been decimated, and the small to medium companies which have either been surviving on sporadic support or have had to cut staff and output,’ said Nicole Beyer, TNA Executive Director. 

‘We are optimistic that the new government will also have a renewed focus on the youth arts sector, through a dedicated strategy as a part of the National Cultural Policy,’ she continued. 

‘While we encourage the government to consult with the industry in the development of the National Cultural Policy, this can be swift – there is so much evidence of sector needs in various reports, including the responses to the Inquiry into Creative Industries and Institutions. Repairing the industry can and should start immediately,’ Beyer concluded.

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