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ArtsPeak urges PM to intervene to secure the arts

With news of the impending early election, ArtsPeak wrote to Prime Minister Turnbull to convey deep concern regarding changes to the Government’s support of arts and culture since 2014.

“We have witnessed sector budget cuts, funding administration changes and destabilising implementation that we believe is detrimental to the sector. These changes were made without clearly articulated priorities or a framework which would make evident the government’s cultural vision and rationale….

Australia’s cultural sector has always punched above its weight in return on investment. There is a real opportunity for a long-term government vision to grow and intelligently apply this investment, to be enjoyed by all Australians, now and into the future.”

Download and read the full ArtsPeak letter.

Linda Morris for The Age has also reported on this, in her article ‘It’s not too late: ArtsPeak pens open letter to Malcolm Turnbull’: “As the Turnbull government plays a game of brinkmanship with the Senate, ArtsPeak co-convenors Tamara Winikoff and Nicole Beyer have signed an open letter warning of the imminent loss of vital arts and cultural infrastructure.”

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