The CaPT Salon Series (CIPI) 

The CaPT Salon Series includes professional development sessions, networking and peer learning for the wider Victorian CaPT sector across 18 months. The Series of gatherings, workshops, and peer learning events will respond to the most urgent skill requirements and provide a forum for important conversations about the future of the sector. It will fold in the existing CaPT Producers Club to include facilitated workshop session for independent CaPT Producers. 

An image of the circus and physical theatre breakout session at the TNA Producing Fundamentals event in July 2023. Attendees are sitting on couches and chairs in a circle facing inwards, listening to a guest speaking talk.
CaPT Salon events delivered in 2023

Online Webinar: Intro to Arts Marketplaces: A Close Look at Showcase Victoria

This online workshop served as an introduction to arts marketplaces for Circus and Physical Theatre (CaPT) producers and self-producing artists looking to start engaging with arts marketplaces. The session used Showcase Victoria as a case study, with a close look at the application questions and required materials. It was held one week before the closing date for Showcase Victoria’s Expressions of Interest to support attendees with their applications. 

Following a 30-minute presentation from CIPI Program Producer (and independent producer) Charice Rust, there was a Q&A with guest panellist Spenser Inwood from independent CaPT company ‘A Good Catch’. The session ran for 75 minutes. 

Workshop: Facilitating Conflict within Working Relationships with Kate Sulan  
This was a free, in-person workshop on facilitating and dealing with conflict within working relationships with Kate Sulan. It was a participatory workshop for independent producers who were often having to mediate the dynamics of a group while creating, rehearsing or performing and touring a project. Kate took participants through facilitation principles, micro skills for facilitation, and conflict scenarios.   

" Kate was amazing, incredible knowledge and experience and facilitated really great discussion amongst the group.” - Salon Participant 

Full-Day Event: Producing Fundamentals event (in collaboration with VIPI)
Held at the Melbourne Fringe Common Rooms, Producing Fundamentals was a full-day professional development and networking event for VIC-based indie producers. This event was an opportunity for producers to connect with peers, refresh and develop their producing practice, and hear from established practitioners. Attendees heard from guest presenters on how to build a holistic database and build relationships, as well as principles and experiences of intercultural collaboration. Two CaPT-specific breakout sessions were programmed for a deep-dive into producing for CaPT. These were a panel discussing pathways and models of producing for CaPT with panelists Nic Clark from NCM and Steph Cox from Womens Circus; and a peer-sharing roundtable discussion.  

“It was a great day. Good to connect with other producers and feel inspired.” - Attendee 

“The open conversations with prompts were great, allowing producers to share tips and through this creating stronger connections.” - Attendee 

Workshop: Grant writing workshop for CaPT practitioners – Be a Peer Assessor for a day.  
This in-person workshop was designed to approach grant writing from a different perspective for CaPT practitioners. Instead of another ‘How to Write a Grant 101’ session, this hands-on workshop puts participants in the shoes of the peer assessor panel, reading and scoring example grant applications to gain insights into what makes a strong application that stands out from the pack. Incorporating the insights of circus professionals who have previously assessed funding application rounds, as well as peer learning and discussion, this workshop will look at grant writing from a different angle focusing on structure and signposting, how to address the selection criteria, and using your budget to say more than numbers.   

I've been to a lot of grant workshops and think this was a standout because it didn't focus on the grant writing. Flipping the script was brilliant! I learnt so much.” - Participant 

A room of people sitting around a conference table, all thoroughly reading pieces of paper with a powerpoint presentation on a screen behind.
The CaPt Salon Series continued in 2024!

Online Webinar: Pitching CaPT at Arts Marketplaces
This online webinar aimed at CaPT producers and artists interested in pitching their work at arts marketplaces (both formal and informal), and was timed to support CaPT artists selected to pitch at APAM's Leaps and Bounds. The webinar looked at how conference-style arts marketplaces work, what to expect, what to put in your pitch, and how to network. It also looked at informal marketplaces such as Honey Pot at Adelaide Fringe Festival and how to approach them. Attendees heard from APAM's Catherine Jones, and Adelaide Fringe Festival's Jo O'Callaghan.

Online Webinar Series: Accessibility for Circus and Physical Theatre
In May we ran an online webinar series over three weeks for CaPT producers, companies, and training organisations to improve their understanding of and engagement with accessibility and inclusion. The series consisted of three sessions presented by Loki Rickus (Access2Arts and former circus artist) including:
1) Understanding Disability.
2) Working withArtists with Disability.
Making CaPT Work Accessible to Audiences. 
By contributing to the sector’s ongoing learning and experience with accessibility and inclusion, facilitated by a disabled circus artist, the series aimed to help improve working conditions for artists with disability as understanding of accessibility becomes more embedded across the sector.

Screenshot of Accessibility for CaPT webinar series

This initiative has been assisted by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its principal arts investment and advisory body.