VIPI supports independent producers, and through them, independent artists and companies in the performing arts in Victoria.


Through supporting independent producers, this initiative aims to:

  • Improve career and development opportunities for independent producers to increase their numbers and capacities, and the sustainability of independent producing practices;
  • Increase the number of Victorian-based independent artists and companies who are working with independent producers;
  • Improve the sustainable practice of Victorian-based independent artists and companies, locally and globally;
  • Build the diversity of independent producers working in Victoria, both the diversity of representation (e.g. First Peoples, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people, People of Colour, Deaf and Disabled and people based regionally) and the diversity of practice / curation;
  • Increase the reputation of Victoria and Victorian producers – internationally and nationally; and
  • Increase the amount of work represented by Victorian producers through market development opportunities.

Since November 2019, TNA's VIPI program has:

  • Run three rounds of the Producers Mentorship Program
  • Run two rounds of the Unlocking Capacity program (in partnership with Creative Victoria)
  • Provided one program of coaching for 20 artists
  • Delivered 15 information sessions and Salon workshops
  • Launched TNA’s Independent Producers Database.

We have also announced the eight participants of Producers Mentorship Program Round 3, who will begin the 12 month program formally in January 2022. The third Round of Unlocking Capacity will open in November 2022, with activity to start after March 2022.

Read the bios of the 31 participants of the Producers Mentorship Program and the Unlocking Capacity cohorts. 21 of these participants identify from one or more of our target groups: First Nations people, people of colour, Deaf and Disabled people or people based regionally. In addition to these producers (paid an ongoing grant or salary for the program), we have paid fees to over 40 other artists and arts workers as part of the VIPI program.


VIPI is made up of three core components:

  • The Unlocking Capacity Grant
A multi-year grant of up to $35,000 per annum for a maximum of three years for independent producers of performing arts who have a minimum three years of experience and who dedicate at least 50% of their time to their independent producing practice. Noting the significant impacts the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had, applicants can apply based on their work history pre-pandemic. Recipients will need to demonstrate how the grant will support their independent producing practice and provide professional support of Victorian-based independent artists and independent companies.
  • The Producers Mentorship Program
The Producers Mentorship Program suits people who already have some producing experience in the performing arts and want to be part of a group learning environment to explore new models of independent producing. There will be bespoke relationships in pairs or small groups, along with monthly group sessions with all participants.
  • The Salon Series

The Salon Series will bring together groups of people already involved in VIPI and provide an access point to VIPI for those outside of the program. The Salon Series will include professional development sessions, networking and peer learning for the independent performing arts sector. The series will respond to the most urgent skill requirements and provide a forum for conversations that the sector needs to be engaging in.

The program also includes coaching sessions: free one-on-one support for artists with an experienced producer to discuss career planning, business planning, work-life balance support or networking advice.

Salon Series events will commence in November 2019 and run regularly until 2022.

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26 May 2022

Over two days, TNA will be hosting a series of in-person workshops and networking events for emerging independent performing arts producers and artists at the Fringe Common Rooms.

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5 May 2022

TNA is proud to announce the recipients of Round 3 of the Unlocking Capacity grant, multi-year funding of up to $35,000 p/a over three years to support Victorian independent performing arts producers build their skills and networks while developing a sustainable practice.

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29 April 2022

The Andrews Labor Government is supporting independent performing arts producers to build their careers and practices with flow-on benefits for…

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14 March 2022

TNA invites you to an in-person gathering of independent artists and independent producers at Footscray Community Arts on Tuesday, March 29.

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29 January 2022

Melody Shotade, our Producers Mentorship Program participant for Round 3, with the Demographic Dance OFF has produced Face to Face, as part of the Midsumma Festival. Book your tickets now.

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12 November 2021

Luke Morris, our Producers Mentorship Program participant for Round 3, has produced a stand-up comedy night – at The Capital in Bendigo on Saturday, November 27. All profits will go to men’s health causes.

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