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IPAY (International Performing Arts For Youth) in Madison Wisconsin was very successful for our Australian delegates – OZ TYA work continues to kick goals in the USA. Finegan Kruckemeyer won the Mickey Miners Lifetime Achievement Award for his amazing work as a writer of theatre for young audiences and Slingsby Theatre Company won the Victor Award for Best-In-Showcase for their production of The Young King.

Back in Australia, ATYP won Best Production for Young People at the Sydney Theatre Awards for Spring Awakening.

Congratulations to them all!

TNA is joining up as a National Centre of ASSITEJ International

Australia has always been very involved in ASSITEJ International, which brings people together to share knowledge and practice within the field of theatre for children and young people. With the demise of Young People and the Arts Australia (YPAA), TNA now supports the sector, and is developing a dedicated strategy for the sector, with the input of the sector. Amongst other things, there will be a gathering at the ATF, and we are joining ASSITEJ as a National Centre.

Huge thanks to the many funded companies who have come on board to jointly pay the membership fee for ASSITEJ International, which will allow everyone in the TYA network in Australia to continue to be involved with the global association. Next month we will publish a thank-you list.

EC elections in South Africa

The Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International is a voluntary board made up of 15 members. ASSSITEJ requires that the members can fund their own travel and extra workload.

I have nearly finished a three year term in this position and have the intention of standing again for the EC. I feel that a second term would be beneficial to the Association but also to the national sector in Australia. If anyone would like to talk to me about this, feel free to get in touch via Polyglot or TNA.

19th ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival – Cradle of Creativity (May 17-27)

We would like to note some important things coming up regarding the 19th ASSITEJ World Congress :

  • Registrations to the Congress and the Cradle of Creativity Festival will be opened towards the end of this month. Info here.
  • Elections for the ASSITEJ Executive Committee 2017-2020 – forms here – due before February 17.
  • National Centre Bids for an ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2018-2019 or World Congress 2020, also due by February 17.
  • If you are interested in launching/presenting TYA Publications during the Congress, please let us know to put you in contact with the organizers from ASSITEJ South Africa.
  • The deadline for booking an advertisement in the ASSITEJ Magazine 2017 and for receiving artwork is February 28. This is a good way of having worldwide visibility and at the same time, to support ASSITEJ.

Looking forward to having a strong Australian participation in the first ASSITEJ Congress in the African continent.

Sue Giles

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