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Access in Circus Workplaces Survey 2024

TNA is running a survey about access in Australian circus workplaces. It’s for everyone who has worked, or trained to work, in professional circus in Australia.

We’d love as many people as possible to complete this survey, regardless of whether they identify as disabled or living with disability. We know that many people in Australia have invisible disabilities. Some people do not identify as disabled, even though they have access needs. 

For people with no experience of disability, the survey should take only a minute or so. Everyone who completes section one will be offered a free 3-month TNA membership. 

For people who have personal experience with disability (of any kind or duration), there is a second section. This section focuses on understanding experiences of access and equity. It may take up to twenty minutes to complete. Everyone who completes it will be offered a free 12-month TNA membership. 

The survey can be completed anonymously, and people who are under 18 are only able to complete section one. All responses will be de-identified. 

Take the survey now – your input is crucial for shaping what we do next. It is open until the end of May.

About the survey team

Loki Rickus has been driving this project since 2023. Loki is a circus professional with a disability and a dedicated disability advocate. Loki was a member of TNA’s Circus and Physical Theatre Advisory Committee from 2021-23, and is currently the Chair of Access2Arts.

Steph Speirs is Program Director of TNA and manages the CaPT program. Steph is an arts professional who has worked across circus, theatre, comedy, cabaret & live art, as both a creative and a producer. Steph has lived experience of ADHD and chronic illness, which informs her work as a sector advocate.

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