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Congratulations to all the 2009 Green Room Award winners! Special congratulations to the not-for-profit theatre sector, which did fabulously well. Some of the theatre winners are Arena Theatre Company, The Dog Theatre, bettybooke, La Mama, Four Larks Theatre, Malthouse Theatre, The Suitcase Royale and Red Wall, Melbourne Theatre Company, Brink Productions and Melbourne Festival, Bagryanana Popov and fortyfive downstairs, Creative Ministries Network, Centre for Theology & Ministry and Here Theatre, Insite Arts, Daniel Schlusser, Full Tilt and the Hayloft Project.

‘Towards an Australian Theatre Forum 2011’ – TNV’s Workshop at APAM
TNV ran a packed-full workshop at the Australian Performing Arts Market in Adelaide last month. The workshop, entitled ‘Towards an Australian Theatre Forum 2011’ consisted of a panel discussion and a mini round-table workshop. The resulting 50 pages of A3 notes will be the raw fodder for planning for the next Forum in 2011. Some of the great things from the panel discussion included Angharad Wynne-Jones’s description of the newly established unprofessional women’s association which has had: ‘unincorporated Christmas-wreath making meetings and plans to support each other through homecrafts and vibrant discussions as their passions and values intrude upon and overwhelm the sometimes bizarrely unhelpful professional structures we operate within.

Angharad also perused the outcomes of themes from the 2009 forum and the ones that pricked her interest were: ‘Audiences and how to get closer to them, Internationalism and how to make it more meaningful, Indigenous theatre and how non-indigenous theatre could collaborate, Diversity and the need to be it not have it, The role of research in practice and practice in research. ’

A highlight of the round table discussions was an offer by Robyn Archer to host the 2013 Forum in Canberra during Canberra’s Centenary celebrations.

Reminder – Theatre Network Victoria 2009 Small-to-Medium Arts Organisation Remuneration Benchmarking Report is now complete and on the website.
Because of a technology problem, some people may not have received the December 09 edition of TNV’s news in which the report was announced. All past E-news editions are also available on the website in full.

YPAA’s National Symposium – Changing Habitats – 8 to 10 June 2010, Brisbane.
Including a masterclass with international theatre director, Alexander Devriendt from the Belgian company, Ontroerend Goed (‘Once and For All We’re Gonna Tell You Who We Are So Shut Up and Listen’, toured Australia last year). Masterclass is 6-8 June prior to symposium. (Places limited).

ABAF Margaret Lawrence Bequest Scholarships – Next round closes 9 April 2010
AbaF Margaret Lawrence Bequest Scholarships enable arts managers to participate in a fully-funded executive development program at one of Australia’s leading business schools. After six funding rounds ABAF have already awarded 58 scholarships with a total value of over $517,000 to arts managers from around Australia.

National Cultural Policy – Submissions now identifiable in an index.
The National Cultural Policy website has now posted an index to make it easier to browse through the 110 submissions to the consultation process. Theatre Network Victoria’s submission is number 90.

Sydney Producer Mentoring Opportunity – Performing Lines – EOI Due 9 April 2010.
Performing Lines is offering a mentorship for mid-career theatre professionals who have decided to move into producing. Based in Sydney. This is a paid position.

Who’s moving where? * Brad Spolding has left his position as General Manager of Snuff Puppets, to take up the position of Company Manager of Strange Fruit.
* Rita Halabarec has left Back To Back Theatre after 22 years as an actor in the ensemble, to pursue her passion in the visual arts. Auditions for a new ensemble member are currently underway.
* Ralph Myers will replace Neil Armfield as Artistic Director of Company B Belvoir at the end of 2010.
* Campion Decent has left HotHouse Theatre which is now seeking a new Artistic Director.
* Emily Atkins has replaced Emma Cochran at Regional Arts Victoria, as Children and Young People Program Coordinator. Emma Cochran has taken up the new position of Business Manager at City of Melbourne’s Signal space.
* Jeremy Rice has left Barking Gecko, which is now seeking a new Artistic Director.
* Powerhouse Youth Theatre welcomes a new Artistic Director Danielle Antaki (replacing Claudia Chidiac) and a new General Manager Naomi Lane (replacing Eleanor Winkler).
* Rob Brookman will leave Sydney Theatre Company as General Manager at the end of May this year.
* Julie Waddington is leaving Riverland Youth Theatre as Artistic Director.
* Westside Circus has created a new position of Artistic Director, with the current CEO, Debby Maziarz’s title changing to Executive Director.
* Terese Casu commenced as new General Manager at La Boite last month replacing Nicole Lauder.
* James Buick has left his position of Manager, Arts and Culture of the Clocktower Centre * After 7 years and 4 Festivals, Fiona Maxwell, Executive Director, is leaving Next Wave after the 2010 Next Wave Festival in May this year.


New space for Melbourne – Signal – offers a Pilot Residency Program. Signal is a new arts centre for young people aged 13 to 20 years, located right in the city, Behind Flinders St Station towards Sandridge Bridge. At Signal you can work with professional artists on all art forms, media and other creative projects. Signal can help with introductions to arts, skill development, mentoring and making and showing your art. As part of its inaugural year’s program, Signal is running a pilot residency program, offering two week-long residencies in June 2010 to performance artists. Apply now. Phone (03) 9664 7900 Email Website

Theatre Works 2011 SELECTED WORKS program – now open for applications. Closing Date is 23rd April 2010.
Independent Theatre Companies/Ensembles are invited to submit a proposal to Theatre Works to be considered for inclusion in Round One of the 2011 Theatre Works SELECTED WORKS Season Program.

Auspicious Arts Incubator presents International Touring Expert: David Berga Friday 26th March, 2010. 10am – noon. $50 (includes morning tea)
A very special one-off seminar and Q&A, presented by one of the most experienced producers in the international performing arts festival market. ‘Tips and Tools for Accessing the International Performing Arts Touring Market’.

Save the date – 2010 Not-for-Profit Summit – 20 July 2010.
The Office for the Community Sector’s annual summit for Victorian Not-for-Profit organisations (including arts) will be held on 20 July 2010. More details will be released shortly. The 2009 summit was free to attend and was a full day, hosted at the Victorian Arts Centre.


Call for Submissions – The Asian Culture Complex, Asian Arts Theatre, Project Development Initiative – for inclusion in the 2014 festival, in Gwangju, Korea. Deadline for submissions: May 14, 2010 Asian Arts Theatre is open to international proposals from ideas to all phases of a project which are contemporary performing art-based works that reflect or embody Asian values, cultures and issues. Three projects will be selected and each will be given an award of KRW 20,000,000 (approx. USD 17,000 Gross) to develop their work. Eligible projects must not have premiered anywhere in the world. Examples of forms including but not limited to:
1. Works with contemporary Asian subject,
2. Works with Asian traditional form interpreted into contemporary form,
3. Collaborative work between various art forms and contemporary performing art,
4. Community-based work for Gwangju region.
‘Devoted and Disgruntled 5’ conference reports are now online. London. Improbable Theatre UK, who ran the Australian Theatre Forum Open Space session last year, have posted reports from their Devoted and Disgruntled 5 Open Space in London last month. There are 112 reports, only a few of which are listed below.

  1. How do I explain the value of what I do, to my Grandad and other people?
  2. How do we keep Theatre Directors creative?
  3. Politics and content in outdoor theatre
  4. Does experimentation depend on access to technology?
  5. Is it a problem that, recently, I feel that I do not want to work with, perform for, or even talk to straight people? If yes, are there solutions?
  6. Why are only 17% of plays produced in the UK by women?
  7. Where do all good theatre sets go to die?
  8. Outdoor Theatre in the Winter
  9. What is the role of science in theatre?
  10. What are directors for?
  11. Playwrights: a dying species?
  12. Things I found in my pockets and notebook
  13. Writing theatre without writing plays. Playful writing
  14. Bunch of Purves? – Criticism
  15. What one idea from outside theatre has most changed your practice inside theatre?
  16. Dreamtime: what do you want to create?
  17. I’d rather be down the pub
  18. Is street theatre a pile of rubbish?
  19. Access- how do we get better?
  21. INTERCONTINENTAL aka How can artists (and audiences) collaborate meaningfully and remotely between different continents?

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